Carolyn Dockrill : 2015 AAC NATIONALS

Carolyn Dockrill


I am so excited to be returning to Burnaby where the 2006 AAC Nationals were held. I participated as a competitor with my Scottish Terrier, Argyle.

My return, as a 2015 Nationals judge, provides me one of the best seats in the house to admire and be inspired by Canada’s top dogs and handlers. What is great about our National competition is the level playing field…. Everyone that qualifies can play and anything can happen in a couple days which makes this sport so exciting. World Team members are not always guaranteed podiums. I admire the success of these individuals and their dogs as well as the training effort it takes to compete at Worlds. I’m also thrilled that sometimes just one of us regular competitors reaches a personal best and possibly ousts one of the Worldie’s on either an individual or aggregate podium. OMG the drama of Nationals!!!

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be reunited with my special pack of judges…. Claude, Bernadette, Darcy, Francine and Gayle, we’ve shared many great times together….so excited to work with all of you again! Nicole, I promise we won’t get into too much trouble!

Most important…. HUG A VOLUNTEER!!!!! They are truly the Superstars of every National event.