Gayle Avery : 2015 AAC NATIONALS

Gayle Avery Biography


I have been involved in agility since 1990 with my first dog Spryte, a Border Collie. I became a judge a few years later, I think 1993 making me one of the first AAC judges.

I have watched the sport change and grow from a very few dogs to the thousands that are playing across Canada now. I have judged coast to coast in Canada for AAC and CKC and in Puerto Rico (IFC) and Bermuda (BKC). Being an Agility Judge is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Meeting agility enthusiasts from across the country and watching them interact with their dogs is an amazing experience, and one that I love being apart of.

At the present time I have a Border Collie Tux almost 12 from Border Collie Rescue and a young Papillon, Sprig, who is in training. I am hoping that he will be running in the fall of 2014.

The sun will shine, the wind will keep us cool, and the dogs will all have amazing runs. Looking forward to watching everyone enjoy a great time with your best friends.

Gayle Avery