Snooker : 2015 AAC NATIONALS


(for cash)

Have a Velcro dog? Like to live on the edge?

Ever wish for snooker as a Nationals event?
What if it replaced one gamble round? How would the scoring work?
How would the rules adapt?

We put on our thinking caps and came up with a scoring system similar to current gamble nationals scoring.

On Thursday Aug 20, join us in the Pet-Tek Ultimate Snooker Challenge.

How it works:

  • Two rounds of world class snooker for $25.
  • Unsanctioned, open to any dog at least 18 months of age, need not be entered in Nationals or even have AAC number.
  • Score for the two rounds will be combined and top two winners in each height class will receive cash prizes. (Vet classes run same as reg. AAC trials, some classes may be combined ie 6 in Specials/Vets depending on entry).

The Scoring:

  • 55 seconds. No Refusals opening or closing.
  • Competitors who fault opening may proceed to closing and keep collecting points.
  • If fault in closing, round is over.
  • If competitor completes full opening cleanly (3 or 4 reds) and full closing (to 7) they get 20 pt bonus.
  • All points up to closing faults are kept by competitor. Max score with 4 reds/with 7s would be 59 plus bonus 79 pts for the round.